Covid-19 Information & Policies

While Covid 19 has changed the way that we currently travel, we here at Blue Reef Explorers, and in Roatan, are taking all precautionary measures to make sure you can enjoy the island with ease. Please read below to see our new cancellation policy, what tourism on Roatan looks like & the biosecurity measures that are taking place at Blue Reef Explorers.

Blue Reef Explorers 2021 Cancellation Policy:

When you book a reservation and have to cancel due to Coronavirus Infection, Travel Restrictions including border closures & airline interruption to Roatan, you will be allowed to use the deposit for 12 months from the original check-in date.

Honduras Entry Requirements.

• Immigration pre-check through the link http:/
• A negative COVID test valid within 72 hours of your flight arrival time. The test may be PCR or Antibody Rapid Test (minimum of 85% specificity & 98% sensitivity). There is no quarantine requirement. This must be uploaded to the pre-check website. Also, print out 2 copies and have on person when travelling.

Covid 19 Antigen & PCR Testing Available

• PCR tests available for $225 at clinic or onsite. Results in 36 hours.
• Antigen Testing available starting at $50 per test with same day delivery of results

Tourism on Roatan

• All businesses are abiding by biosecurity measures including temperature checks, gel hand sanitizer & obligatory use of mask.
• Masks are required and highly encouraged.
• There is currently an island wide 10pm curfew; most businesses will be closed by this time.


Guest Awareness

• Guests are not required to wear masks on property but are asked to respect other guest’s space by practicing social distancing.
• Social distancing includes refraining from hugging, kissing, or shaking hands with guests as well as among staff. It involves maintaining a distance of at least 1 m (3 ft) and avoiding anyone who is coughing or sneezing

Staff Awareness

All Blue Reef Explorers staff will attend training to ensure thorough understanding of COVID19:

• What is COVID19
• How it is transmitted
• How transmission can be prevented
• Symptoms and early detection
• All Blue Reef Explorers staff members are frequently temperature checked, must wear a mask & have been trained in safety bio protocols.

Monitoring of guests who are possibly ill

While maintaining the upmost respect for our guest privacy, any guest presenting symptoms of illness will be asked to a) inform Blue Reef Explorers Management and b) self-isolate. We will coordinate with local medical services for assistance.

Monitoring of staff who are possibly ill

Any employee with symptomatic illness will be asked not to report to work. They must attend the appropriate medical facility for screening and to rule out the possibility of COVID19 prior to returning to work.

Disclosure of COVID19 cases

If a Blue Reef Explorers guest or employee tests positive for COVID19, management will inform all guests and employees who could have potentially had contact with the infected person.

Housekeeping Protocols

• Housekeeping staff must sanitize hands before entering a guest room and upon leaving the room. They must wear a face mask at all times while in the room.
• Daily sanitization of rooms (with use of 0.1% sodium hypochlorite or alcohol) will follow a special checklist to ensure coverage of areas which are frequently touched, such as: light switches; taps/faucets; trash bins; toilet flush levers; and doorknobs.
• Twice-daily sanitization of high traffic areas such as dining tables, chairs, railings, and common bathroom.
• Sanitization of all utensils, glassware, mugs and table ware with 0.1% sodium hypochlorite following use.
• Refresh and sanitization of bedding and towels for room change-overs including bedspreads, mattress protectors and pillow protectors. Linen sanitation protocol includes pre-soak with 0.1% sodium hypochlorite (whites only), washing with anti-bacterial detergent, tumble-drying on high heat OR line drying in direct sunlight.
• Daily sanitization of cleaning materials and tools (clothes, mop heads etc).

Maintenance of Air Conditioning Units

• COVID-19 is not transmitted by air but from person to person through small droplets from the nose or mouth when an infected person coughs or exhales.
• However, at Blue Reef Explorers attention is given, as in normal circumstances, monitoring the condition of filters and maintaining the proper replacement rate.

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